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Over £7,500 Raised for Charity at Easter Fair image

Over £7,500 Raised for Charity at Easter Fair

Fundraising for their nominated charities is a year-round activity for Bishop Thomas Grant School’s four houses, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  The season of Lent provides an opportunity for special activities and this year Bishop Thomas Grant school students and staff raised money through contributions on an own clothes day, computer games sessions, book and cake sales, shoe-shining and lots of individual class activities.

Highlight for the fundraising was the annual Easter Fair, organised as usual by Miss Wilson, Head of John House and Head of Geography at Bishop Thomas Grant School.  The fair runs in the school Hall during lunchtime and after school on the last Friday before the end of the spring term.  It is a spectacular event which attracts very large numbers of pupils to the various raffles (sweets, cuddly toys), tombolas, and face and nail painting stalls organised by the school Heads of House.  A Play Station stand, karaoke dancing, a chocolate fountain, cake stalls, hook and line games and a host of other activities provide the attractions for pupils to enjoy.

This year the Easter Fair has raised upwards of £7,500, over £2000 of which has come through the fundraising of Miss Wilson’s John House for the Kids for Kids charity. The link to the latest news on Kids for Kids can be accessed by clicking here - Kids for Kids is a charity which gives a precise list of how donations are spent.

With money still coming in, this year’s House fundraising total has reached over £14,000 – "a magnificent achievement and many, many thanks to all involved" said Miss Murray, Deputy Headteacher at Bishop Thomas Grant School.

But this is not the end of the story, and most recently the school has made donations to other charities, including a £50 donation to the Jesuit Missions to support their work in preparing land for seeding in Zimbabwe.  £200 went to Amnesty International, and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church, CAFOD, received £1,234.50.  CAFOD wrote in their letter of thanks about a thirteen-year-old called Saraswoti from Nepal whose school was destroyed in the earthquake of April 2015 and of the six tents they had built to create a life-line for the school until it can be rebuilt.

Charities such as those mentioned above could not function without the tireless work of Deputy Headteacher Miss Murray and the staff and pupils of Bishop Thomas Grant School and they are united in their thanks: "On behalf of the communities CAFOD works with worldwide, thank you so much for your continued support," writes Chris Funnell, Supporter Donations Manager at CAFOD.


Bishop Thomas Grant School raised £1,234.50 for CAFOD.