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Classics trip report 2018

Classics department trip to The Amalfi Coast 2018 by Luca Emery


The Classics department trip to Naples for students in Years 8-10 was one full of memories for everyone that went. There was never a lapse of excitement, visiting such attractions like the beautiful island of Capri, the lost city of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the towering Mount Vesuvius and numerous amphitheatres and historical remains that tell us so much about the history of the roads we stood on (see lead image of this Newsletter). We not only appreciated the history of the area we stood on, but got to experience the new and exciting world that had replaced it, visiting Italian gelato shops, experiencing first-hand the methods used to make something so sweet, as well as the beautiful cliffs and beaches that surrounded Capri.


Overall it was an absolutely fabulous enjoyable experience. Thank you to the staff who lead and organised the trip, Head of Classics-Dr Sini Spencer, Premises Manager-Mr Steve Curry and Science Teacher-Miss Amy Taylor.