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Geography GCSE Field Trip, March 2019 image

Geography GCSE Field Trip, March 2019

One of the biggest perks of being a GCSE Geography student is getting out of the classroom and into the field (quite literally in this case!) It was a bright and sunny morning as Year 9 congregated in the Upper Playground, excited about the day ahead! We boarded the coach and motored south west to the exotic location of… Dorking!
Upon arrival at the grand Juniper Hall, Year 9 were greeted by their fieldwork tutors for the day and were quickly equipped with wellies and waterproof trousers – this was not going to be an average Tuesday! Over to Year 9 for their accounts of what the day involved:

“The Geography trip was an amazing and exciting day! I was able to get into the River Tillingbourne and managed to measure the depth, width and velocity of it using some new equipment. It was also fun since I was able to go and see the countryside, which was way different to the city.” – Maribel

“I had a nice time at the River Tillingbourne. My highlight of the day was walking in an oxbow lake scar with my friends!”- James

“The day was filled with lots of fun and different enjoyable activities that we were lucky to do. It was a different experience as we were in the countryside, with horses around us and just living in the moment!” – Wiktoria

Year 9 did a brilliant job of collecting data for their GCSE exam, and clearly enjoyed wading in the River Tillingbourne. Well done for the maturity, hard work and positive attitudes Year 9!