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History Students Research Local War Heroes image

History Students Research Local War Heroes

A Level History students at Bishop Thomas Grant School in Streatham have been discovering previously unknown and forgotten facts about soldiers in the First World War as part of a project to mark the centenary of the Armistice which ended the war in 1918.

The project has been conducted with the help of Professor Richard Grayson from Goldsmith’s College who came to the school to help students with resources, much of which students found online as well as using their own initiative to research background about the Great War. The work has particularly interested students as they have been able to focus on soldiers who originated in the local area.

The results of students’ research are posted on the school website here. Our photo features four of the A Level students, who comment as follows:

Alexander Virtue: "Memorable, valuable and enriching – this is how the independent history project helped us understand on a deeper level the events of the Great War."

Thea Achillea: "The experience of interpreting a soldier’s war diary was extremely eye-opening. Not only did it bring to life the experiences of local soldiers, but it also developed my understanding of the war itself."

Janea Parker: "It was very interesting to learn about the war from a personal perspective, finding out about soldiers that used to live around the area that I travel to for my education. It was an uplifting and once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Gabriella Emery: "The research reminded us that people in our local area fought and died. The project gave us skills we wouldn’t otherwise have developed and I am extremely grateful for the experience."