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Jack Petchey Award winners from the Autumn term image

Jack Petchey Award winners from the Autumn term

Jack Petchey Award winners from the Autumn term

Congratulations to our Jack Petchey winners for this term!  The Jack Petchey Foundation is a charity that recognises and celebrates the achievement of young people in London. Our award winners will receive their awards next May during a prestigious celebration event in Lambeth.


Our students received the Jack Petchey award for young achievers for the following reasons;


Maelle is thoughtful, kind and very dedicated to our Model United Nations society. Maelle makes an active contribution to the organising committee, and will be chairing at our school's conference this year. Her contributions have been commended by the rest of the team for their attention to detail, accuracy and sophistication and we are all incredibly impressed with how far she has pushed herself beyond her comfort zone. Maelle is a quiet person by nature and is quietly spoken; however, she has worked tirelessly to ensure that her contributions are regular, valuable and move the debate forward both in debating events, and at conferences. Maelle is reliable and always ready to help with anything that needs doing and she is extremely mature and considerate of others. 


Tobiasz  is a dedicated student and academically curious. He is a gifted linguist. Tobiasz taught himself the Greek alphabet,and he is very quick at making connections between languages, rapidly developing his knowledge and understanding of new languages. Tobiasz is also interested in philosophy and is very good at debating a variety of subjects.  Tobiasz has a very good sense of humour even though he is quiet, he is very personable, and has the ability to put others around him at ease. Tobiasz  is a very humble young man who is an excellent role model within the school community.

Sofia is a kind, caring  and compassionate young lady who is dedicated to her studies and the wider school community. Sofia is an excellent role model for both her peers and younger students. She is an outstanding prefect, and has successfully organised a variety of charity activities within school over the last five years alongside her regular role in helping to prepare assemblies for her form tutors, and her Head of Year. Sofia works selflessly to help those in need, and is always willing to give her time for the benefit of other students in the school community.