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Model United Nations Reports

We have featured the success of the Bishop Thomas Grant School Model United Nation (MUN) in this newsletter many times before and in this edition we share reports from two of the annual highlights; the Bilbao MUN conference and the Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys’ School MUN Conference.
Rafael Moura - Bilbao Model United Nations Review
Though many facets of the Bilbao MUN were amazing, from the food to the various friendships I forged as a result of the conference, one thing in particular which stood out to me was the actual quality of debate. I very much felt challenged and was made to consider my arguments more carefully than ever. Subsequently, I feel like this MUN was helpful in nurturing my debating and speaking skills. Another aspect of MUN that I enjoyed was the use of socialising events to help increase familiarity between delegates before committee actually started, as I felt less intimidated and more ready to contribute to debate after seeing some friendly faces in the room. Ultimately, I found the Bilbao MUN to be an enlightening experience, having the opportunity to meet and hold discussions with different people, who I would usually never be able to, on issues at the forefront of our international news today. As a result, the conference has left me with the excitement and hope of being able to carry on conversations that started in committee, and in the coming future possibly even being able to become part of the solution to these global issues.
(Editor's comment: the MUN conferences give a unique opportunity for young people to engage in debate on global issues and work within the procedures framework of the actual UN. Students at Bishop Thomas Grant School have a proud history of participation in these debates, both in the UK and abroad).

Miss Gray - Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys’ School MUN Conference
Our school MUN team’s final outing for this academic year, before our own conference in June, took place this weekend at Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys’ School MUN Conference. Representing Lithuania and Peru across committees at this THIMUN-affiliated conference, our delegates spoke with confidence, poise and eloquence on topics ranging from the militarisation of Baltic states, the rights of migrants and refugees, and how to prevent terrorists from acquiring weapons, to the prevention of mass disease outbreaks in LEDCs. As the final conference for some of our long-time MUN team, it was a fitting goodbye as Jamal celebrated winning the very prestigious Best Delegate award in the Security Council and Gabby chaired her final conference in the very-demanding Special Commission (one of just three guest-chairs invited to chair at the conference). We are also very proud to announce Highly Commended or Distinguished Delegate awards for Amy, Tomas (Y10) and Emily (Y12).