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Senior Prefects rewarded with a trip to London Palladium to see Britain's got Talent Auditions

Last week our senior school prefects were rewarded for their service to the school by attending the Britain’s Got Talent Judge Auditions at the famous London Palladium in Soho on Wednesday 31st January. Our Head student Diogo Camera reports,
By 6pm we all had our tickets, and to our surprise we were sitting in the centre royal circle in the first three rows! It was great to see the prefects come together as a tight knit group and enjoy an evening of entertainment that we usually only see on our TV screens. The show was so amazing that I dropped my glasses off the balcony on to some else’s lap…!
Collectively we definitely made BTG’s presence known with our intensive cheering, catching the attention of the presenter and the judges. At one stage our very own Georgia Nesbit Blair was called down by the show’s presenter and asked to sit in the front row next to the presenter for the next act! She also got her own moment in the spotlight when she sang for the audience, even giving BTG sixth form a shout out!
We are very proud of all our prefects and are thankful for all the work they put in.
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