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Teachers win the day in Aspire debate! image

Teachers win the day in Aspire debate!

The school ASPIRE programme, run by Co-ordinators Miss Grey and Miss Kelly, gives students a chance to stretch themselves beyond the curriculum with a weekly programme of activities, clubs and events. The annual ASPIRE House Debating Competition gives students a chance to hone their public speaking skills in front of the most demanding of audiences – the staff and students of Bishop Thomas Grant School.

This year’s practice debate between staff and students had the topic “This house believes that in the light of global poverty and humanitarian crises space exploration is a waste of money.” Representing the house were students Gabriella Emery and Alex Virtue (Year 12), and Year 11 students Emily Warnham, Sofia Reyes Albarn and Rafael Moura. In the end, after a debate where many eloquent words were exchanged and much passion shown in the debate, the staff team, (Ms Kelly, Ms Percy and Mr Burke) defeated the students, according to Ms Grey, “by a massive 100 to about 8”- but much was learnt and our students are already planning their revenge for the next debate.

Congratulations to all who took part in this most entertaining event.