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Year 7 Student Enjoys UK Mathematics Challenge Success image

Year 7 Student Enjoys UK Mathematics Challenge Success

The UK Mathematics Trust runs the biggest and most popular Mathematics Challenge in the country and schools from all over the UK compete to win the coveted awards for success which await the high-achievers in the tests.

Bishop Thomas Grant School entered students from three classes in both Year 7 and Year 8, with Luca Emery from Year 7 achieving the top score and gold certificate. Luca’s score was so high that he was even invited to take part in the next round of the competition. The questions set are as much a test of logical thinking as they are of Mathematics and Luca’s achievement is quite remarkable.

Luca, a former student of St Mary’s Primary School in Clapham, is very down-to-earth about his success. “I just like Mathematics”, he says, “it’s in the family and since I’ve been at Bishop Thomas Grant it’s been fun to have the challenge of working at a higher level. The tests are an hour long and you can’t revise for them, but I’ve enjoyed the experience.”

Although it is early days for Luca to decide on a future career he did comment when asked, “I’d like to have a career in something to do with Mathematics or Science”.