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Key Stage 3 Art

Year 7-8 Carousel – Art and Design Technology

Every nine weeks on a carousel system, KS3 students will access each of the following disciplines; Art, Ceramics, Textiles and Graphics.  Students will explore and develop a variety of practical skills whilst experimenting with a wide range of techniques and materials when working towards themed projects.


Year 7 Theme - Natural Forms

Art - Plants

Students explore the formal elements with a focus on developing observational drawing skills using line and tone.  They obtain a greater understanding of the colour wheel from experimentation with painting techniques, as well as making connections with various artists and practitioners.

Ceramics - Marine Life

Students undertake drawings, collect resources and research artists to form a basis from which they can develop their design skills.  They learn various clay techniques in order to produce a ceramic clay tile inspired by the theme of ‘Marine Life’.    

Textiles - Insects

The students mainly focus on exploring pattern, print and basic embroidery techniques.  They also develop basic to comprehensive sewing skills depending on previous experience.  Students produce a printed and embroidered cushion inspired by insects.  They will also learn about repeat and symmetrical pattern, 2D, 3D isometric drawing and polyblock printing.

Graphics – Animals/Nature

Students are to learn about Typography within the context of the design industry.  They will learn about the technical terminology used to describe fonts as well as how to design their own fun and eye-catching font, taking inspiration from their favourite aspects of the natural world.


Year 8 Theme - Journeys

Art - Cityscapes

Building on their understanding of the formal elements, students develop their technical drawing skills by practicing one and two point perspective street drawings.  Students look at the artist Hundertwasser and practice his painting techniques whilst demonstrating knowledge of colour theory.  Pupils also lean about 3D form and shape whilst making a paper sculpture of different famous skylines.

Ceramics - Gargoyles

Students complete drawings of gargoyles, animals and produce a surreal self-portrait.  They research related ceramic artists in order to provide inspiration as a basis to further their design skills.  Using the ‘pinch-pot’ technique, students create a three dimensional sculpture of their own gargoyle design.

Textiles - Architecture and Abstract Pattern

Students focus on design skills and the making process.  They create a design specification and make a drawstring bag inspired by architecture and abstract pattern.  Students draw inspiration from famous buildings and architecture.  They enlarge sections to create an abstract pattern.  They learn about different fabrics as well as how to embroider and embellish.

Graphics – Cartoons/Illustration/Superheroes

Students will focus on designing and creating their very own superhero characters.  They will be taking inspiration from a range of sources and developing a narrative for their individual characters.