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More Able, Gifted & Talented in Art & Design

Years 7-9

We are always on the lookout for students with creative talent, whether that be in Drawing, Ceramics, Painting or Textiles.  We are also interested in supporting those students who may not be considered 'gifted' but are hard-working and passionate about the subject.  Sometimes students will have a very impressive work ethos in the subject and with time will produce an impressive body of work.  We want to ensure these students' enthusiasm is nurtured and supported.

We regularly run trips for lower school, often visiting the Tate Modern to take advantage of their artist-led workshops as part of their Art School Programme.  We have also run lower school trips to the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Saatchi gallery. 

Afterschool Clubs

During lessons pupils are given extension tasks to further their ability and constant individual feedback to push them to meet our high standards.  The Art department is open at lunch times and after school for extra help and advice.

Art Aspire

As part of the whole school Aspire Programme, we also run a specialist Art club for those who are on the More Able, Gifted & Talented list.  Although these students are selected, any student who expresses an interest in taking part is welcome to attend.  

Within the Art Aspire programme we push students' abilities, both in terms of practical and critical thinking skills.  Pupils will have the chance to work with materials they would not normally have access to in lower school lessons, and will be challenged intellectually through discussion around the topic of Art.  Visiting experts come in to the school to discuss the history of Art and there is an annual Aspire Trip.  The Aspire Art club takes place on a Friday once every half-term.

Set Design Club

Every year the Art department creates the set for the school show.  We are reliant on volunteers who are keen to develop their painting skills and learn about construction.  We are very grateful to those students in all year groups who help us to create a reputably spectacular set for the school show.


Years 10-11


Planned visits include Year 10 students touring Kew Gardens to help gain research as part of coursework criteria.

Pupils in Year 11 have the opportunity to work at a professional printing studio and use large scale printing presses to produce large scale outcomes.  Pupils also work alongside professional artists in the local area.

There is an MAG&T drawing course at Camberwell College of Art.  Limited places are available on a first come first served basis.

Afterschool Clubs

Weekly boosters are available for pupils who are capable of achieving A*/A grades and we expect to see them at lunch time and afterschool.

Pupils doing GCSE have a wider access to materials and are shown more complex techniques which can be incorporated into their work.  Pupils will be encouraged to work in larger scale and think ambitiously using a range of media.


Years 12-13

Pupils benefit from links with higher education institutions such as all the University of the Arts institutions (Camberwell, Wimbledon and Chelsea), St Martins and Ravensbourne.  As a result students benefit from portfolio workshops, degree show tours, working with tutors from university, Saturday school and summer school, all of which prepare them for the big step into further education.  

Students regularly go on trips to exhibitions, galleries, museums and places of interest.  Pupils have access to an impressive range of techniques and materials that are usually used in university and not often found in state schools.  Pupils have the opportunity to meet artists working in their studios producing work to selling.  These artists are happy to demonstrate the process they go through to arrive at their saleable outcomes.  We feel this gives the pupils an excellent insight to ‘life as an Artist’ and further career opportunities.