Staff INSET Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Whole School return Wednesday 24th April 2019.

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Behaviour Expectations

For a downloadable copy of our Behaviour Policy, please visit our Policies page.

At Bishop Thomas Grant we have extremely high expectations regarding students’ behaviour in lessons, around the school, and on their way to and from school.  The students are our ambassadors, and we are very proud of them, so the school aims to promote high standards of behaviour, self-discipline, a smart appearance, empathy and learning, through positive encouragement and reward.

Students may earn reward points for good work, behaviour, effort, achievement and any positive or helpful incident worth recognition.  These points will be entered on the school electronic information system.  These totals are also printed in the student’s tracking.  Prizes will be issued.

Certificates are presented by the Headteacher at School or House Assemblies.  Any student who gains a certificate will receive a special reward.  Other certificates and rewards are presented at Year Assemblies.

Students can aim for 'Star Student of the Month'.  This is an award in each year group for an individual who has made progress or achieved a special commendation.  This achievement is publicised on a school display board.

Excellent attendance and punctuality will be rewarded with certificates and further incentives will be regularly planned.  House points also contribute towards the school House system as each student is placed in a House when they arrive at the school.  These are named after the four Gospels: Matthew (white), Mark (blue), Luke (yellow) and John (red).  The school tie and sports shirts bear these colours to represent the houses.  Students are placed in a House in Year 7.

The system will promote healthy competition between the student population across the school.  House points can be issued for efforts made in any of the following areas: academic work, sport, attendance, punctuality, charity work, fundraising and community liaison.  Every child in the school is entitled to receive points.  These will be added each term and the highest House total will earn a special reward for all the students in the winning House.  The accumulation of points will be published on the House Notice Board.  Each House is led by a member of staff.  Each House will have a designated charity that the students choose by majority annually.  Students aim to raise money to support their charities.


Expectations of each student

1.  Students are expected to treat all staff, visitors and their peers with respect and good manners at all times.  Teachers’ instructions should be followed in full in relation to class, playground or extra curricular activities.

2.  In the classroom the teacher’s word is final.  If any misunderstanding needs to be resolved, the teacher may be approached respectfully later in the day to discuss and resolve these.

3.  Full uniform must be worn on the way to and from school (see the full School Uniform list in planner).  Neatness is expected at all times and students must wear their uniform with pride.  Articles that breach uniform code will be confiscated. Trainers are only to be worn for Physical Education lessons.  If traditional shoes cannot be worn for medical reasons, a doctor’s note must be produced and given to the Head of Year to endorse in the planner.

4.  Excellent attendance and punctuality is expected in order to achieve each individual’s potential.  School starts promptly at 8.40am.  Students should travel quickly around the school to arrive promptly at all lessons.  Every absence must be explained by a phone call on the first day of absence by the parent/carer and by a note on the student’s return to school.  Unavoidable lateness should also be explained by a note.  (Medical appointments during lesson time must be recorded on the day in the Planner only by parents.)  Students cannot leave the school site without authorisation. 

5.  Expensive items or larger sums of money must not be brought to school.  If a student has to do so, the items should be given to a member of staff to keep in a safe place.  Mobile phones, personal stereos, iPods, cameras and MP3s are forbidden in school.  Bishop Thomas Grant accepts no responsibility for the security of such valuable equipment if brought into school and not handed to a member of staff.  If any such items are seen or used, they will be confiscated.  Formal school sanctions are issued too.  Any student found to be using a camera phone to photograph or video staff, students or a school incident of any kind without permission from the Headteacher will be severely sanctioned and the police involved.

6.  School computers are not to be used for illegal activities, games or entertainment purposes (see Internet Permission Information page).  Severe sanctions will be imposed.  Music is not to be downloaded as it causes storage problems.  Food or drink is strictly forbidden in the ICT rooms.

7.  Bullying/CyberBullying – All students must be aware there is zero tolerance of any form of bullying in and out of school.  This can impact on the emotional wellbeing of any individual and affect school achievement.  There are severe sanctions imposed and the police may be involved each time.  Parents will be expected to support this fully.

8.  Any item found must be handed into the school office without delay.  Students may enquire there for lost property.  Please label all items of school uniform to enable this.

9.  Students must not eat in the playground during breaktimes – they may use the canteen to eat snacks.  All litter is to be placed in bins.  Food must be taken into the canteen area only.  Any food or drink apart from water may not be taken out of the canteens.

10.  Students are not allowed to eat or drink in the classroom or corridors except drinking water.  Chewing gum is forbidden in school, as it results in damage that can be expensive to remove.  Sanctions will be imposed.

11.  All students must act in a safe manner.  Any unacceptable physical contact, even as a joke/playful, will be regarded as a breach of school health and safety rules.  The school community must be a safe and a calm place for all in which to learn. 

12.  Students must move briskly to their lessons at all times and follow the correct one-way system.

13.  Students may not leave school without a written parental note.  Each student must sign out officially at the school office and receive a pass.  A Year Co-ordinator must endorse this personally.  This is a Health and Safety requirement as every person must be accounted for on the school site in case of fire or other safety risks.  No child may leave school unaccompanied in any other circumstances.

14.  If a student feels ill, or has an accident, he/she must tell the teacher if they think it merits attention or First Aid immediately.  The student will be sent to the school reception with a note.  There are First Aid staff who will take care of students if it is felt they are needed by the receptionist.  Parents or carers will be contacted to collect their child if they are judged too ill to stay in school or who need urgent hospital treatment.  In the case of a serious emergency an ambulance will be called and the parents or carers will be contacted immediately to attend their child at school before the ambulance arrives.  If this is not possible the parent/carer must make every effort to make their way to the named hospital immediately.  Please ensure contact numbers are accurate and up to date to save unnecessary delays.

15.  Medicines must not be brought into the school.  If a student is required to take medication, a medical form must be completed by the parent or doctor and given to the Head of Year who will then phone home to endorse this (the form is available from reception).  As a result all medication should be handed in to the School Office (except inhalers or Epipens).  The school will take no responsibility for the administration of any medications.  Inhalers and Epipens may be kept by students during the day and a spare Epipen should be left with First Aid.  Students must give Reception a reserve Epipen/inhaler in case of an emergency.  There are strict rules relating to student medication – these are available on request.

16.  Alcohol, illegal substances or weapons are forbidden.  The school operates zero tolerance and students involved in such circumstances will be subject to very serious sanctions.  The Headteacher reserves the right to permanently exclude any student who is caught buying, selling, associating with, or using illegal substances or weapons on the journey to school, in school, or on the way home from school.

17.  The graffiti of books, furniture or school property is forbidden and sanctions will be imposed and/or bills issued for repair, etc.

18.  No 'lasers' are to be brought into school.

19.  Planners are to be brought into school everyday.  If lost the planner can be replaced at a cost of £5.00.  Any student found using more than one planner will be sanctioned.


Pastoral consequences

The school sanctions are known as the 'Category System' which has proved very successful over a number of years.  Any breach of school discipline will fall into one of the following categories:

Category 1  –  Minor Incidents are dealt with by Subject Tutor, Form Tutor or Head of Year, for example: Lack of equipment, mobile phone

Students will be issued a Headteacher's Pastoral Detention on Friday.

Category 2  –  Serious incidents for example: Total breakdown of lesson due to repetitive and serious challenge to teachers authority are referred to Head of Year/Assistant Head/Deputy Head that cannot be dealt with in the department                    

Students are removed from all lessons until parent(s) or carer(s) make an appointment with the relevant person such as Head of Year.  When the appointment has been made students may return to all their lessons, with the exception of where the incident took place, until a parental interview has taken place.  Reconciliation where an apology must be made by the student with a member of staff or before a student can return to the lesson where the misdemeanour took place.  Consequences range from Headteacher's Friday or Saturday detention with the Senior Leadership Team.

Category 3  –  Very serious incidents that warrant zero tolerance are usually dealt with by the Headteacher

Students are dealt with as in Category 2.  In response to particularly serious cases, students may be excluded immediately from school either temporarily or permanently.


Sixth Form Expectations

Our Sixth Form students must also meet our high expectations of academic progress, attendance and punctuality.