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Business Studies

We aim to teach Business Studies in an informative and interesting manner.  We develop our students’ practical and creative skills through offering a range of subjects that directly link to the demands of today’s world, which also supports student awareness of employability and educational pathways. We pride ourselves on our dedication to student development and progress in ensuring that each young person not only meets but exceeds their potential. 

Business is front page news.  The way businesses operate is under greater scrutiny than ever before.  While TV programmes like ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Dragon’s Den’ have raised the profile of Business to a new generation, the subject allows students to explore business behaviour and understand how a business operates and what can influence its success.  It combines well with all other subjects due to its relevance to so many careers and everyday life.  The topical nature of business makes it a fascinating addition to any choice of subjects.  As a department, we share resources and ideas with students to make their experience the very best we can and have a wide range of video clips and resources.  The department prides itself in moving with the times and using a plethora of teaching and learning techniques to keep students up to date with the latest business case studies.  Students regularly use computers to search for information and produce mini reports and presentations on topical business issues.

The best way to learn how a business operates is to go and see how products are made.  The department gives every student the opportunity to visit famous businesses and speak first hand with entrepreneurs.