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Computing & ICT Clubs

In conjunction with the wealth of ICT courses that the department has on offer, we pride ourselves on further developing the students' interest and skills in ICT as part of their extra curricular activities.  These extension classes enable them to look in more detail at some of the more exciting areas of ICT.  ICT cross-curricular clubs will be offered in every year group: 

Year 7: Manipulating still images, using applications like Photoshop/Drawplus/stop frame animation 

Year 8: HyperText Markup Language (HTML) programming to design websites 

Year 9: Movie making such video tutorial for given topic/application/podcast

Year 10: Content Comic Book - SCRATCH can be used for building interactive stories/games.  Can be subject/topic specific 

Year 11: School Improvement Plan ICT with the community - mentoring adults in using IT

Additionally, the department run regular lunchtime ICT homework clubs, where students can make use of the ICT facilities to enhance their homework or put in some extra time on their coursework.