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More Able, Gifted & Talented in Computing and ICT

Students who are more able, gifted and talented in ICT will typically display the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrate high level problem-solving skills
  • Possess high powers of logical/mathematical reasoning
  • Have the ability to work independently and effectively
  • Are good at adapting and using material for purposes other than those for which intended 
  • Are quick to spot weaknesses in their solutions and that of the teacher/resources
  • Show fluent understanding of technical vocabulary 
  • Achieve high scoring test results and coursework marks
  • Make appropriate use of technical vocabulary 
  • Demonstrate Computing/ICT capability significantly above that expected for the age-group
  • Use initiative to exploit the potential of more advanced features of Computing/ICT tools 
  • Learn and apply new Computing/ICT techniques quickly
  • Transfer and apply Computing/ICT skills and techniques confidently in new contexts 
  • Explore independently beyond the given breadth of a Computing/ICT topic

The target group in Computing/ICT

In ICT, the target group is likely to constitute students who demonstrate Computing/ICT ability as specified above.  They will demonstrate this by:

  • Consistently producing effective Computing/ICT solutions demonstrating both detail and depth beyond what is expected for the age group.  Show practical Computing/ICT skills and technical knowledge depth beyond what is expected for the age group
  • Revealing, in discussion, a keen aspiration to further their knowledge and skills
  • Concluding tasks rapidly and seeking further challenges

Identification strategies

In Computing/ICT, we use the following strategies to identify those students we believe are classed as gifted:

  • Evidence from classroom performance and interaction between student and teacher
  • Evidence of innate interest and independent learning outside of the classroom
  • Achievement of high KS2 scores
  • Achievement of high internal/external test and coursework marks/grades.  Level 7 at KS3 and A* at GCSE 
  • A willingness to join extra-curricular clubs

Strategies for Classroom Provision

In Computing/ICT, we aim to provide for those students we have identified as being gifted:

  • Strategies for additional activities
  • Flexible & “imaginative” schemes of work in which "open ended" themes allow students to initiate and develop targets appropriate to their particular ability
  • Encouraging more able students to experiment with the more advanced data processing features found within generic application software
  • Provision of advanced courses in Computing/ICT
  • Lunchtime computer clubs
  • On-line learning websites and materials

Gifted Pupils and Computing/ICT Department Assessment Policy

  • Using centrally stored assessment data to identify and “track” able/gifted students
  • Identifying students who achieve 85%+ on coursework/practical portfolio
  • Identifying and “fast tracking” Year 10 students for early GCSE entry
  • Able students entered are encouraged to take those courses that stretch them the most such as GCSE Computing

Monitoring and Evaluation

As a department we will use the following strategies to monitor and evaluate our provision for gifted pupils:

  • Discussion/survey with targeted “gifted and able” students to establish whether or not they feel they are provided with a structure that enables them to achieve their full potential
  • Scrutiny of students test/examination results and quality of practical work against targets and prior attainment
  • Teaching staff to review the activity and extension activities provided in order to verify its suitability