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Private 2738 Douglas Robert McDougall

1st/14th battalion London Regiment (London Scottish)
Killed in action 1st November 1914

Son of the late Mr and Mrs Walter McDougall, of "Perrymead", Streatham, London.

Ypres Menin Gate memorial; panel 54.


Douglas Robert McDougall was 31 when he died, on the 1st of November 1914. He was the son of Mr and Mrs Walter McDougall and was from Streatham, London. He served as a Private in the London Regiment, 1st/14th battalion. It is unspecified which company McDougall served with.

At around 2am, the German attack came through the trenches in which Douglas McDougall was; however, they were driven back in a counter attack by their reserve company. This counter attack was assisted by a portion of the C Company, who had recently withdrawn from the trenches.

Later, at around 3am, the Germans broke through the left trench.  However, lacking a reserve company, "it became necessary to retire". It is unknown which company McDougall served with yet he could have been within the companies in the trenches, that held on until daylight. It was then that they fought their way out and fell back on Wulverghem and Kemmel. In front of Kemmel, the company maintained a defensive position.

McDougall served in the London Regiment, 2nd London Division. This division was mobilised for full war time service on the 5th of August 1914 and in October, were warned that they would go into overseas service. However, many units were detached from the division and went independently to France as reinforcements.



War Diary, 1st/14th bn London Regiment (London Scottish), 1st November 1914


By Emily, Year 9