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Key Stage 5 Drama

KS5 Drama
Edexcel AS GCE in Drama & Theatre Studies
Edexcel A2 GCE in Drama & Theatre Studies
GCE Advanced Subsidiary level
Since the emphasis in most GCE Drama or GCSE Drama and Theatre Arts courses is on improvisation, devised work and/or performing, the Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Drama and Theatre Studies deliberately focuses on working with plays. In this way the Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Drama and Theatres Studies aims to bridge the gap between GCSE and full Advanced GCE by providing an opportunity to study plays from the point of view of a director, designer, performer and critic. The qualification is designed to enable students to acquire a knowledge and understanding of the language of drama and theatre as well as to develop their performing and analytical skills.
GCE Advanced level           
The full Advanced GCE in Drama and Theatres Studies aims to extend the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired in the Advance Subsidiary units by enabling students to apply what they have learned in their own creative work. In devising theatre, students alternate roles between being playwright, performer, designer and director and apply their knowledge of different theatre forms and structures gained from Advanced Subsidiary to the creation of their own work. In performing theatre, students are required to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding within the structure of a director’s interpretation of a play and to operate at a highly intellectual level as well as at a highly skilled practical level. The aim of the full Advanced GCE is to enable students to operate more autonomously and with confidence within a drama and theatre context.
Edexcel’s Drama and Theatre Studies specification is designed to provide a balance across a range of learning activities. This specification combines the activities of exploring plays, creating theatre, the performing of plays, the analysis of theatre and the critical evaluation of all of these elements. Students completing the course successfully will have a thorough understanding of drama and theatre, highly toned, analytical and creative skills and an ability to communicate effectively with others.

Drama and Theatre Studies A-Level is offered to students at Key Stage 5.  Please click on the link below to view the curriculum content:

Drama and Theatre Studies A-Level Curriculum Content


Our A-Level students take part in a 'Stage Business' workshop at The Old Vic Theatre:


Working with internationally renowned theatre company Frantic Assembly: