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Key Stage 4 Geography

At GCSE, students in Year 11 study the AQA 'A' Geography syllabus.  This consists of three components: two examinations, each worth 37.5% of the final grade, and a controlled assessment worth 25% of the final grade.  Unit 1 covers three modules all linked to physical Geography and Unit 2 links to human Geography modules.  In Unit 1 the modules studied are: Restless Earth, Living World and The Coastal Zone; while in Unit 2 the modules are Population, Changing Urban Environments and Globalisation.  The controlled assessment is a written investigation students must complete after attending a field trip where they collect primary data.  

Please click here for the GCSE course outline


Students in Year 9 and 10 study the new AQA Geography GCSE.  As of 2015 students follow a 3-year KS4 programme which begins in Year 9.  The new AQA GCSE qualification consists of three components, all of which are examined at the end of Year 11.  Unit 1 and Unit 2 (Physical and Human Geography) are both worth 35%, and Unit 3 (Geographical Applications) is worth 30%.  Unit 3 also incorporates assessment on fieldwork which is now a core component of GCSE Geography; hence students in Year 9 and 10 take part in two fieldwork sessions throughout their course. Students visit a coastal location and also carry out a local area study linked to the urban environment.

Please click here for the new GCSE course outline