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Please tap to call: 020 8769 3294 Triangle Triangle

Governors' Committee Membership

Please find below the current committee structure and membership.  You can also download this information by clicking here.

Resources Committee Curriculum Committee Ethos Committee Admissions Committee
Chair: Mr S Beck Chair: Mr R Bowdery Chair: Mrs M Cook Chair: Ms K Robinson MBE
Mr R Bowdery Fr A Cassidy Fr L Gallagher Ms Z Shiripinda
Ms K Robinson MBE Ms K Robinson MBE Ms K Robinson MBE Mrs R Hadingham (Associate Member)
Ms Z Shiripinda Mrs M Cook Ms Z Shiripinda
Mr D O'Donovan Ms B Boyle Mr D O'Donovan  
Ms B Boyle Mrs R Hadingham (Associate Member) Mrs A Fleet  
Mr S Olendzki
Mrs R Hadingham (Associate Member)  
Mr S Fernandes      
Mrs A Fleet