Staff INSET Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Whole School return Wednesday 24th April 2019.

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Key Stage 4 Health and Social Care

The Level 2 BTEC Award in Health and Social Care is completed over the three years in KS4.  Students’ complete 4 units over this time: Unit 1: Human Lifespan Development (exam), Unit 2: Health and Social Care Values, Unit 4: Social Influences in Health and Wellbeing and Unit 5: Promoting Health and Wellbeing.  Assessment of this course is 25% exam and 75% coursework.

Year 9

As part of students' induction into Health and Social Care they take part in the NHS Schools competition.  This is a national competition where students pick a career from the NHS and write a job description and create a job advert.  Throughout this process students learn important skills needed for coursework.  These skills include: research, referencing, presentation and the ability to use ICT.  During the spring and summer terms students are starting to learn their content for their core units (Unit 1: Human Lifespan Development and Unit 2: Health and Social Care Values).  Students carry out practice assignments in order to prepare them for the work of Year 10 and 11.

Year 10

In the autumn term students will build on knowledge already gained in Year 9 in relation to their first unit of work.  Unit 1: Human Lifespan Development is an exam unit and students will sit this in January.  Students spend the term revising key terms and gaining assessment skills needed to succeed in the exam.  In the spring and summer term students will complete their first pieces of internally assessed coursework as part of Unit 2: Health and Social Care Values.  This unit will help students to understand the skills needed to work in the sector and is assessed in a practical way with students completing a role play and making an instructional video.

Year 11

During Year 11 students completed the two optional units on Social Influences and Health Promotion.  As part of Unit 4 students have to consider the impact of family and relationships on the development of a child’s morals, attitudes, norms and values.  As part of Unit 5 students will gain a better understanding of what health promotion is and will be able to choose their own health promotion topic e.g. healthy eating or encouraging exercise and develop a health campaign to run across the school.  These optional units provide students with more specialised knowledge of different roles available within the health and social care sectors.