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How Can I Help My Child in History?


There are a great number of historical attractions within London that are free and applicable to all age groups.  Museums such as the Imperial War Museum, the British Museum and the Transport Museum would all certainly help students with their understanding of important events in History.

There are also a number of fee-paying historical attractions such as Hampton Court, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the Churchill War Rooms, Dover Castle and the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth, which would also be of tremendous interest to students.

Further afield, countries like Belgium, France and Germany are becoming ever easier to get to and as a department we really could not recommend highly enough how beneficial a visit to somewhere like Ypres in Belgium would be, if your son or daughter is particularly interested in the First World War.


Films based around historical events are one of the best ways to engage your child in History as they leave children wanting to find out more.  As a department we would very much encourage both parents and students to keep an eye out for different historical dramas and documentaries on television, whilst also recommending visits to the cinema or the purchasing of DVDs.  The History department at Bishop Thomas Grant School also runs its own film club which allows students to borrow historical films to take home and watch.


In Year 7 and Year 8 the horrible histories books are still a really good way of learning about the past but in a very fun and accessible format.  Other good books for KS3 students include The Diary of Anne Frank, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Goodnight Mister Tom and Going Solo.

Year 10 and Year 11 students would benefit from having their own copy of the text book that we use: OCR Modern World History by Ben Walsh.

In Year 12 and Year 13 we provide the students with a number of texts, however students should also be doing a great deal of independent reading and therefore should consider reading some of the books listed on the websites below.


Year 13


General KS4 and KS5



Russia 1881-1953:

India 1900-1947:

British Africa 1870-1981