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Key Stage 5 History 

For Year 12 students beginning their studies in academic year 2015-16, please click here to view the course content


For Year 13 students who began their KS5 studies (Year 12) in academic year 2014-15, please click here to view the course content and see below for a breakdown of exams/coursework:

AS Level

Unit 1: D3 Russia in Revolution, 1881-1924: From Autocracy to Dictatorship and D4 Stalin’s Russia, 1924-1953 (25%)

Unit 2: Britain and the Nationalist Challenge in India, 1900-47 (25%)

A2 Level 2

Unit 3: E2 A World Divided Superpower Relations, 1944-91 (30%)

Unit 4: CW23 Colonisation and Decolonisation in Africa, 1870-1981 (20% coursework)