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How Can I Help My Child in Geography?

The Geography department recommends that all students at Bishop Thomas Grant School should watch the news and keep up with current affairs to help deepen their understanding of global issues.  This can be done by watching the news on television or using websites such as the BBC News website:  Developments in technology have made this even easier as there are now applications available for download that keep you updated with the latest events.


Key Stage 3

The main textbooks used at KS3 are Geography 1, Geography 2, and Geography 3 textbooks.  If you wish to buy a revision guide for your child please check that it contains the relevant topics he or she has studied that year.  For more information please contact your son or daughter’s Geography teacher.


Key Stage 4

Students can use their textbooks at home to assist them in their studies.  Please note that an electronic copy of the new GCSE textbook is available to students, which they can save to a USB to take home should they wish.  Students also have the opportunity to purchase a CPG revision guide through the school.  At home, students should ensure they are informed about current affairs by watching the news and reading newspapers.  Students can access past papers, a resource list containing information on books and websites for additional reading.  GCSE Bitesize has a wealth of great information on some of the topics that we study at GCSE and a section where students can test themselves.  To visit GCSE Bitesize, please click here.


Key Stage 5

At A-Level students study the AQA syllabus.  Students can access past papers for the legacy specification and specimen papers for the new specification as well as an up-to-date resource list containing suggested reading and websites.  Additionally, the Geography department has numerous resources which students have access to including DVDs, geographical magazines and textbooks.  This is to help students develop their independent learning skills and allow them to broaden their understanding of geographical issues.