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John Edward Murray – C Company 1st/5th Battalion London Regiment
Died: Aged 22 - Wavertree Rd, Streatham Hill
Commemorated at: Menin Gate, Belgium


Leslie Stephen Newton Doble- 1st/5th Battalion London Regiment
Died: Aged 24; enlisted April 1915 – Leigham Vale, Streatham
Buried: New Irish Farm Cemetery, Belgium 

On 15th August, the enemy shelled Wellington Crescent, causing the battalion HQ to be moved forward, up to the Hooge Tunnel.

On 16th   August, at 1:45am the Battalion formed up on its position of assembly for attack. The Victoria Rifles were attached to the Battalion, along with the 1st Queen Victoria Rifles, who followed the Battalion in support.

At 4:45am, The Battalion assaulted the German positions, meeting with very little opposition, until the Eastern edge of Glencorse woods was reached. However, none of the party re-joined the Battalion, leaving the remainder of the Battalion receiving counter attacks from the Polygon. The Battalion got mixed up with other units, causing them to fall back from the line, a short distance from inside the Western edge of Glencorse woods, back to the original British front line. From the statement of a prisoner, it appears that the counter attacks were made by the 49th Reserve Infantry Res, 3rd Reserve Division.

During the night, the front line was taken over by the 1st Queen Victoria Rifles, and the 1st Queens Westminster Rifles, with the Battalion withdrawing to the Halfway House, (Battalion HQ) the following day.

17th August, the Battalion marched back to Café Belge, where they were transported by motor lorries to Abeele. 2nd Lieutenant H. Taylor takes over the duties of vice 2nd Lieutenant BH Sellon, who had been wounded.

From the sources, both men are thought to have died on 16th August during the night, when the front line was taken over by the 1st Queen Victoria Rifles.

By Janea, Year 12



3- National Archives, Kew: WO 95/2732/1, 1st/15th London Regiment War Diary