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Key Stage 4 English

The key stage 4 English curriculum aims to develop both students’ language acquisition skills and to foster a love of literature, providing them with the opportunity to read a wide range of texts including prose, poetry and drama.  The English curriculum has been designed to meet government guidelines in relation to Assessment For Learning and these foci are fully integrated into each and every lesson delivered.  In the light of the fresh challenges presented by the new GCSE, whereby students are assessed entirely through 100% examination at the end of the course, we now have a three year key stage 4 curriculum.  In Year 9, building on the foundation skills developed in Years 7 and 8, students will hone those vital critical, analytical and comparative skills to prepare them for the examination tasks of the new AQA GCSE English Language and English Literature Papers.  In conjunction with this, there will be a continued emphasis upon accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) given its weighting of 20% of marks for the English Language GCSE.  Preparation for the new AQA GCSE will commence in Year 9 and continue in Year 10.  The current Year 10 will be the first cohort to take the new AQA GCSE English Language and English Literature examinations in summer 2017.  The current Year 11 cohort will continue with their preparations for the Cambridge IGCSE English Language and Edexcel IGCSE Literature examinations in summer 2016.

Key Assessment Points (KAPS)

All students in Year 9 and 10 are given a KAPS folder, something akin to the old coursework folder, in which they will store their Key KAPS.  KAPS comprise shorter writing tasks developing specific skills in relation to the GCSE English Language and English Literature exams and will be undertaken in students’ exercise books.  Key KAPS, however, will comprise sustained pieces of writing in the style of an exam response, which assesses all the relevant Assessment Objectives in relation to any particular unit of work.

Throughout key stage 4 students should develop as confident, independent and reflective readers in response to a wide range of texts including Shakespeare, the 19th Century and 20th/21st Century novel, an array of non-fiction texts as well as poetry and drama.  Spoken Language will continue to play a key role in the learning experience of students in every course unit through group work, class debate and individual presentations, complementing all written tasks.  The course will encourage students to reflect upon their own responses to texts, as well as tapping their own creative potential, producing a range of narrative, descriptive and non-fiction writing themselves.

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