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Leonard T. Uden
Address: Drewstead Rd. Streatham, London
Date of Death: 3rd of June, 1917 (died in France)
Age of Death: 28
Service number: 303500
Regiment: London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)
Unit: 1st/5th Battalion 

On the 2nd of May 1917, the day before Leonard T. Uden’s death, the 1st and 2nd Battalion were digging assembly trenches with the help of additional companies, in support on the west of Guemappe. The entire day was tranquil in comparison to the garish skirmishes that went on regularly; however, the day ended with trenches being shelled by artillery and in the intervals of the bombardment, the trenches were gassed at 7pm.

The night work still continued as scheduled and the additional companies that were in support moved up from the west of Guemappe. At 2am of the night Rum and Tea were served to all the soldiers during a time of rest. However, there was an ambiguity in the choosing of companies, but the assumption is that Uden being a part of the B company that he was in the 2nd wave.

The battalion that Uden was present in had been attacked or felt a form of resistance, on the right and left, which is when we believe that he died, 1:15am. After his suspected death 40 men brought out the stretchers and the remaining members of the battalion moved on to old German trenches, south of Tilloy.

There is no record detailing Uden’s death; however, we have to assume that Uden died during the period in which they withdrew from the original front line on the 3rd of June, 1917 aged, 28.

By Alex & Josh, Year 12



National Archives, Kew: WO 95/2961/5, 1st/5th London Regiment War Diary