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More Able, Gifted & Talented in English

Students that are more able, gifted and talented in English may excel in a particular area such as creative writing, analytical writing or debating.  They may be successful in all aspects of English, demonstrating a range of advanced skills listed below:

Reading skills:

  • Read texts perceptively and effectively recognise different interpretations, as well as forming their own fully developed interpretations of texts.
  • Infer and deduce meanings in a range of challenging texts and respond to them as critical, independent readers.
  • Analyse writers’ techniques and intentions in a sophisticated level of depth.
  • Explore how texts are related to their social, historical and cultural context; they show full understanding regarding the importance of context.

Writing skills:

  • Demonstrate the ability to write successfully in a range of styles, adapting their language and tone to suit the purpose and audience of the text.
  • Use a sophisticated and impressive style of writing that is detailed and accurate.
  • Utilise an extensive vocabulary and a range of literary techniques in an imaginative way.

Speaking and Listening skills:

  • Discuss their ideas confidently and articulately.
  • Explain their opinions persuasively in a debate, using a range of rhetorical devices.
  • Respond to others sensitively and make effective contributions that help to develop a debate or discussion.

There is debate club for KS3 after school on Thursdays and there are plans to run a creative writing club for KS3 for next year.