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More Able, Gifted & Talented in History

In History, more able, gifted and talented students are identified as those who will be able to work thematically and will understand the implications of the chronological framework surrounding the theme.  They will be able to put events into the context of the time and articulate, verbally or through writing, different representations of events.  Students are more able to draw upon a wide number of themes and events to explain why events occurred in certain ways.  They have the confidence to express and justify a belief that may not necessarily be accepted by their peers or the teacher.  They are curious to find out the minor details and have the ability and desire to find alternative or additional representations of the past in order to fully satisfy themselves.

More able, gifted and talented historians will have an insatiable desire to prove everything combined with high powers of reasoning and an ability to draw upon general historical and political knowledge to substantiate responses, or to divert attention to areas of a greater personal interest.