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Key Stage 5 Media Studies (AS/A2)

The AS and A-Level Media Studies course is an interesting and challenging course that will develop students' practical and critical skills.  It involves the analysis of media texts such as films, newspapers, magazines, radio broadcast and websites, as well as discussion of the significant industries that produce them and the way in which they are consumed by audiences.

To achieve highly in the course you will need to have the following qualities:

  • A critical interest in the media texts that you and your peers enjoy watching, reading and using.
  • A mature attitude to media texts which are sometimes difficult and controversial.
  • An openness to learning new practical skills such as production planning and creating your own media texts to professional standards.

As the syllabus specifies a 50% equal division for written examination and coursework, you will need to be able to communicate effectively and accurately in both essays and media production work.  Throughout the course this will involve regular academic tasks alongside the design and creation of media texts such as short films, broadcast or print products.  You will be expected to appreciate, analyse and comment in detail on a wide range of media texts and to relate them to the industries that produced them.  Perhaps most significantly of all, you will need to be able to put yourself into the position occupied by a range of audiences.  This means learning to appreciate that not all media texts are targeted at you.  At A-Level you must be prepared to discuss issues and texts that other people simply watch for pleasure.

You need to be highly motivated and able to work independently, as you will be required to do a good deal of extracurricular reading and research.  Most of the essays and production assignments will be written outside lesson time, though you will be trained in the hardware and software skills required for production in class.  The meeting of deadlines is of crucial importance, not only for the completion of coursework units, but also to ensure that you are well prepared for the written exams at the end of each year.  Students must submit a number of coursework productions for both AS and A2 and the deadlines for these will be at the end of Autumn and Spring terms in each year respectively.

The course relies upon you having knowledge and an opinion about many aspects of traditional and contemporary media and the way it affects our lives today.  Success in Media Studies is built upon being open to new ideas and experiences and having an informed and critical view about those ideas and experiences that you can share with others.  Be prepared to step outside of your familiar comfort and pleasure zones to analyse and deconstruct texts across a wide range of genres.

We currently offer this subject at AS and A-Level and have a view to opening up the opportunity at GCSE and also BTEC levels.