Staff INSET Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Whole School return Wednesday 24th April 2019.

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More Able, Gifted & Talented in Modern Foreign Languages

A student who is gifted in MFL grasps new grammar rules quickly and can see how a grammar point learned in one module can be reused in another topic area.  Similarly, a gifted MFL student can generalise their knowledge of one grammar rule to understand others.  They are able to articulate their understanding clearly and can explain patterns to others in a logical way. They recognise instinctively when a certain verb or word order sounds 'wrong' and can correct their own work without excessive support.  On the other hand, when their work is incorrect, they are able to use feedback constructively and rarely make the same mistake again.

A gifted MFL learner is not necessarily a native speaker of the language or a speaker of another language of the same family.  We have many gifted language learners who did not study a Modern Foreign Language before arriving at our school and who have limited exposure to other languages in their home lives.

For our gifted linguists the MFL department at Bishop Thomas Grant offers the 'Eurolab' languages club on Monday lunchtimes, one-to-one sessions with Foreign Language Assistants and extension activities on the VISA card websites and on the school Intranet.  We also challenge lower-school pupils with GCSE exam questions and resources and GCSE and A-Level students with authentic books, articles and documentaries.  We have a well-stocked library with various books and magazines in the Target Language.  We also offer a lunchtime Mandarin club and many of the keen linguists who have been taking part are well on their way to achieving their FCSE qualification.

The MFL department is proud to offer the 'Language Ambassadors' Club every Thursday lunchtime.  This will initially be offered to pupils in Years 8 & 9 and will then include pupils in Year 7.  Pupils who are passionate about languages are officially invited and will produce articles for the Ambassador’s Journal, which will also include examples of outstanding MFL work.  The BA Flag Award will be on offer in late 2015.

A flair for languages is something to be treasured and developed and we encourage our brightest language learners to keep striving to reach their very best.  With a language (or two), the possibilities for travel and employment are extremely exciting.