Staff INSET Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Whole School return Wednesday 24th April 2019.

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Modern Foreign Languages

The importance of being able to speak a foreign language has never been greater.  International business and travel are part of everyday life and as a result linguists are in great demand.  At Bishop Thomas Grant School, students have the opportunity to learn Spanish, French, German and Latin at KS3.  We also offer a number of additional languages to native speakers in KS4 and 5 including Portuguese and Polish where lessons are taught in school.

Lessons are designed to be lively and enjoyable, with a range of activities which encourage students to speak, listen, read and write.  Students’ confidence improves with their developing communication skills so that they are soon able to understand songs and extracts from radio, television and newspapers and to express their opinions orally and in writing.  Topics in KS3 include School, Friends and Family, Free Time, My Home and My Town, Holidays, Shopping and Eating, Health, Media, Future Plans and The Environment.  These topics are revisited in KS4, but the focus is on students’ ability to include a variety of different grammatical structures in their work.  In KS5, the topics become more advanced and students discuss Tourism, Education, Immigration, Poverty and Wealth, Crime, Technology and Politics, amongst others – all in the Target Language.

Groups are organised according to ability, but movement between them is also possible.  Homework is set and marked regularly.  Students are given opportunities to reflect on their performance and consider how to improve.  Regular assessments take place so that progress can be monitored.

Due to the multicultural nature of the school, we have many native speakers who have taken GCSEs in Italian, Polish and Portuguese.  This unique aspect of the school is highly valued.