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Key Stage 4 Music

At KS4 we currently offer OCR GCSE Music, but will offer Eduqas GCSE Music to students sitting their exams in 2018 and after.  We believe that this is the most rigorous and yet the broadest course currently offered, and that it is the best preparation for our students to go on to study AS Level Music or follow more vocational courses elsewhere.  Our students receive a good introduction to many different styles of music, building on what they have learned in KS3. There is more of a focus on traditional notation and knowledge, as well as weekly performance lessons with an individual tutor.  We encourage our students to become independent composers, performers and listeners during their three years of GCSE, and to develop their own passions and interests within and outside of the Music curriculum.  Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils are expected to complete daily practice on their instrument/voice, which is assessed with regular half-termly performances. 

The OCR GCSE course consists of four elements:

Performance (30%)

Pupils are required to prepare 2 performances; 1 on their solo instrument or voice and a second as part of an ensemble.

Composition (30%)

Pupils produce two compositions as part of the GCSE course.  Composition 1 is written for the pupil’s main instrument or voice and should be related to their solo performance.  The second Composition should be related to one of the other areas of study.

Listening Paper (20%)

The listening paper examines three areas of study:

Shared Music

Dance Music

Descriptive Music

Pupils are required to sit a examination of 90 minutes length at the end of the course.

Creative Task (20%)

Pupils are required to compose a short piece of music based on a given stimulus.  They have 45 minutes to compose before the pieces are recorded.