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Online Safety

Welcome to the Online Safety section of our website, designed to help support and develop understanding of relevant and recent Online Safety issues. With these tools both parents/guardians and children can become more discriminating, web-literate and resilient when online.

This page includes recent revlevant information, a live feed of new and relevant articles surrounding Online Safety and a CEOP report button, allowing you to report concerns regarding inappropriate online activity which can then be dealt with by CEOP’s team (Child Exploitation and Online Protection).

19/02/2018 - Youtube

A document for parents informing of the safety features available on Youtube. Click here to read.

05/09/2017 - Preventing Bullying 

A document for parents giving advice and help on cyber bullying. Please click here to read.

14/7/2017 - OurPact

For parents/carers who find their children glued to their phones and tablets comes OurPact, an app designed to locate family members and limit screen time by blocking internet and app access. There are numerous options available and packages from free to £5 a month giving heightened security such as blocking texts and more.

To find out more visit

10/7/2017 - 1 in every 5 parents do not know that there are age requirements for
joining a social media site, or what the required ages are for each site.

In a survery conducted by CBBC Newsround, it was found that more than 75% of children aged between 10 and 12 in the UK have social media accounts, even though they are below the age limit. Children must be aged 12 or above and over 135cm tall before they are able to seat in a front passenger seat using an adult seat belt. Similarly online there are age restrictions in place to ensure the wellbeing of young people is kept in check. The majority of sites have a minimum age requirement of 13. Youtube's requirement is 18 or 13 with parental permission. WhatsApp is unusual as its minimum age requirement is 16.

It is clear that there are positive aspects of allowing children to access online sites, inspiring them through age appriopriate, engaging and creative content. For parents seeking further advice, is a great resource. Through Internet Matters, parents are able to access the tools, information and guidance needed to make the right decisions. 

26/6/2017 - SnapMaps

Last week SnapChat, used regularly by many children and young people, launched a new feature. SnapMaps allows users to see the location of their contacts. This feature allows others to accurately pinpoint where you are. There are three possible privacy settings:

  • Ghost mode, where only you can see your position;
  • My Friends mode, where any contact can see your location; and
  • Select Friends mode, just those who you choose can see you

Further reading: Introducing SnapMaps (ChildNet)

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