Staff INSET Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Whole School return Wednesday 24th April 2019.

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About Bishop Thomas Grant School
“The school provides outstanding pastoral support. This helps all students to remain engaged and motivated to learn. Their exceptionally positive attitude to learning is a major contribution to their achievement.” Ofsted 2014


At Bishop Thomas Grant we make no distinction between the academic, pastoral or spiritual development of our students.  Our aim is to see the total person and provide a strong, invisible, yet tangible network of support and guidance.  We recognise that a well-founded pastoral system provides a solid framework where students feel safe and able to learn.  Our pastoral system encourages self-discipline, high expectations, respect for self and for others.
There are four principles that should govern a student's experience at Bishop Thomas Grant School. These are to:
* Be happy
* Be safe
* Achieve
* Grow in the love of Christ and your faith
Without the first two, optimum learning and achievement cannot take place, while the fourth means that the strong ethos of the school creates an environment which is conducive to effective learning, and each individual's potential being realised.

For more information please contact,

Miss M Murray
Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)