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Outstanding Pastoral Care

Our 2014 inspection by Ofsted and 2012 inspection by the Diocese deemed our pastoral care to be "Outstanding".

“The school provides outstanding pastoral support.  This helps all students to remain engaged and motivated to learn.  Their exceptionally positive attitude to learning is a major contribution to their achievement.” Ofsted 2014

Pastoral care is very strong at Bishop Thomas Grant School.  Young people need to feel safe and secure in order to thrive academically and socially, and our pastoral team works hard to ensure that this is the case and to help students and their families deal with problems if and when they arise. 

“The behaviour and safety of students are outstanding.” Ofsted 2014

The pastoral system is organised into a year group system, which includes form tutors, heads of year, the pastoral manager, our special needs and gifted and talented co-ordinators, first aiders, internal and external mentors and external counsellors.  The whole system is overseen by the Pastoral Deputy Headteacher, who is responsible overall for the pastoral care at the school. 

“The achievement of students is well supported by highly effective pastoral systems.  The finely tuned curriculum and the outstanding attitudes and application of students underpin their achievement.” Ofsted 2014

Students are organised into tutor groups, within their year groups, with a tutor who may usually look after the group for the majority of their time at Bishop Thomas Grant School.

The first point of contact for students or parents should be the relevant form tutor, as they typically handle day to day matters and give advice where needed or requested.

The next point of contact is the Head of Year, who oversees all the form tutors in their year group, and who typically handle a wide range of issues concerning student welfare and happiness, concerns over attendance and punctuality as well as dealing with discipline issues.  Supporting all Heads of Year is a non-teaching pastoral manager.

The School also benefits from a strong partnership with outside agencies such as the School Medical Service, Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), the Educational Psychologist Service, the Education Welfare Service, as well as various educational charities.  The school also employs full-time behaviour support teachers and part-time counsellors to provide advice and support at times of difficulty.

“Students behave extremely well in and out of the classroom. They feel safe and show high levels of respect for each other, their staff and the school environment.” Ofsted 2014