Staff INSET Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Whole School return Wednesday 24th April 2019.

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Homework in Physical Education

GCSE PE Year 10 and Year 11: GCSE students will be required to join sports clubs inside and outside of school in order to improve the skills and techniques from their four chosen GCSE sports activities.  Students will also be given questions, essays, poster presentations and examinations in order to help them prepare for their GCSE examination.

BTEC Sport: Students who study this will be required to complete coursework throughout the year relating to the following units: Anatomy and Physiology; Fitness and Fitness Testing for Sporting Activities; Injury in Sport; and Outdoor Adventurous Activities.

A-Level Year 12 and Year 13: Students who study A-Level PE will be given specific examination related questions, poster presentations, essays and video diaries which will help them gain advanced knowledge and understanding relating to topics studied within Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology and Sports Sociology.

BTEC Year 12 and Year 13: Students who choose to study BTEC Sport will be required to complete assignments with both written and video evidence including the use of podcasts, posters and different forms of media.  These assignments will be based on key areas of the course including Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology and the Sports Industry.

All Physical Education students at key stage 3/4/5 will be provided with varying levels of homework, dependant on the level they are studying at.  At key stage 4 and 5 homework will be regular and set on a lesson by lesson basis, however homework will differ depending on the grading requirements of each specific course.