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More Able, Gifted & Talented in Physical Education

This document is a statement of the aims, principles and strategies for provision for the More Able, Gifted and Talented pupils in Physical Education at Bishop Thomas Grant School.

Bishop Thomas Grant School is committed to the principle of providing the best possible learning opportunities for all of its pupils.  There are many different areas of PE and children may be very talented in one area, though not as skilled in another.

Within this context it is important:

  1. The Physical Education curriculum offers work that extends our students with activities that enrich and promote high achievement and good progress.
  2. Specific tasks are set at a higher level than that of their peers and use a wider range of contexts and resources for learning.
  3. These students will be encouraged to move through their learning at a faster rate than their peers.
  4. The Physical Education department will work co-operatively with external partners to cater for those students who have a high level of demand made upon their time as a result of their involvement in high level sporting activities outside of school.


  • To identify the needs of the individual student and provide a challenging, stimulating and innovative learning environment within and beyond the PE curriculum.
  • To encourage students to take responsibility for their education, becoming confident and independent learners.
  • To provide an environment in which students experience success, this in turn is recognised and celebrated.
  • To provide students with opportunities for accreditation.
  • To help students develop their personal qualities which will enable them to maximise their sporting potential and be transferable to other areas of their education.
  • To provide students with exit routes to further development of their sporting talents.
  • To encourage a partnership between students, school, parents and other relevant agencies.