Staff INSET Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Whole School return Wednesday 24th April 2019.

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The Psychology Department currently deliver the AQA A-Level Specification at Key Stage 5.  It provides a fresh stimulus for developing a range of skills students currently have and also cultivating new abilities.  Psychology allows students to develop their literacy and numeracy skills via extended essay writing and statistical analysis.  It also provides an opportunity to develop critical thinking and research skills which put students in good stead for undergraduate study.

A-Level Psychology

To view the A-Level Psychology curriculum please click here.

Homework Schedule

The department adopts a policy which is intended to instil a strong sense of independent learning in our students.  This can be summarised thus: "You will not do things in class that can be done outside unassisted".  This maxim has several implications for students as follows

  • All reading to prepare for lessons will be done outside class; this provides students with the necessary context for the class activities that will extend their appreciation of the course material.
  • With the exception of examination-style assessments, all essays will be completed for homework; class time should be spent in activities actively preparing students to complete essays, the essays themselves can then be done unassisted.
  • All students are expected to spend a minimum of five hours per week on homework.  This includes preparatory reading, writing reviews of material and assessment essays.  There will be one assessment essay per week throughout the course.

Exam Board Information for Psychology

A-Level Psychology - AQA

Contact Information for the Psychology Department

Mr D McDonald, Head of Psychology

Mrs L Burnard, Teacher of Psychology