Staff INSET Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Whole School return Wednesday 24th April 2019.

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General Religious Studies

Every student at Bishop Thomas Grant School is required to attend General Religious Studies.  The Governors and Headteacher place great importance on this compulsory lesson because education is about more than examination success.

In Year 12, students follow a programme of study under the direction of the National Open College Network.  At present, we are accredited with a Level 1 qualification.  In Year 12, we aim to provide the best opportunity for the students to engage in a meaningful way in the process of moral, spiritual and religious education.  Students look at the following topics:

  • Religious commitment and tradition
  • Nature of spirituality, theology and ethics
  • Ethical decision making
  • Issues of life and death

Year 13 students also follow a programme of study under the direction of the National Open College Network.  This programme is accredited with a Level 2 qualification.  This qualification is equivalent to a GCSE.  Under similar format of work and structure, students are asked to study the following:

  • Religion in Contemporary Society
  • Service for Others
  • Roman Catholic Social Teaching
  • Relationships

In both years, students are required to keep a personal log of reflection to record their insights into the topics covered.  Other activities such as small and large group discussions, debates, research and presentations further enhance the learning experience of the students.  The course includes short essay writing which, along with reflective log, form the core of the NOCN assessment process.

Our goal at Bishop Thomas Grant School is to develop students who are:

"...religiously literate young people who have knowledge and understanding and skills ... To think religiously, spiritually and theologically and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life." (Conference of Catholic Bishops of England and Wales)