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Enrichment Clubs and Societies in the Science Department

As well as the study-focused 'Drop in' sessions for GCSE and A-Level students, the following clubs run within the department:

Drop in Day Timings Location Staff involved
Year 7 Science Club Monday 3.15-4.00pm A31 AMX, FKE, LBU, PAT, HEV, ATA
Year 8 STEM Club Tuesday 3.15-4.15pm A32 PBU, HEV, ATA
Year 9 STEM Club Monday 3.15-4.15pm A32 PBU
Year 7-13 Eco Committee Friday 1.10-1.30pm A32 PBU
KS5 Medical Society Friday 1.10-1.30pm A33 MTO

In addition, there are two Aspire clubs run as part of the whole school Aspire programme:

  • Whole school Medical Society run by Mr Todd
  • Dissection Club run by Miss Taylor