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Student Responsibilities

There are numerous ways in which students can take on greater responsibility within the school.

1) Buddies 
These are specially trained mentors who are the "eyes and ears" of the younger pupils.  They help and support younger students in their first years at Bishop Thomas Grant.

2) Prefects - Year 10 & 11
Prefects are older students who support the school staff by supervising break and lunch procedures.  They receive leadership training from the school.  Their contribution to the school is invaluable, providing younger students with positive role models to look up to.  They can be identified by their "Prefect" badges or "Prefect" ties.

3) Senior Prefect - Year 12 & 13
These students support staff and prefects in a number of ways, such as Open Evenings, Parental Consultation Evenings and supervising the Year 10 and 11 prefects in carrying out their duties.

4) Head Boy and Head Girl - Year 13
The positions of Head Boy and Girl are the most senior and respected that any student can achieve within the school.  These positions have great responsibilities attached to them, such as running the school council, addressing speeches to parents and guests at whole school events or organising school charity events.

5) House Senior Prefects
These students raise charity funds by arranging House events such as raffles and competitions.  Last year over £15,500 was raised for charity at Bishop Thomas Grant.

6) Student Voice (Student Council)
This group consists of representatives from each year group who meet with the Head Boy and Girl to discuss relevant issues.  These are then shared with the Headteacher.