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Timing of the School Day 

The School day is from 8.40am to 3.15pm.  Students are expected to be in School for 8.30am.  There are six 50-minute teaching sessions with a morning break of 20 minutes and a 50-minute lunch break.  Breakfast, lunch and snacks may be purchased at the School Canteen or packed lunches may be brought.  Each day begins with a Collective Act of Worship, which may take place in the tutor group, year group or whole-School Assembly.


8.35am Staff Briefing
8.40am Bell – all students make their way to registration 
8.45am Gates Close
8.45 – 9.05am Morning Registration/Assemblies
9.05 – 9.55am Lesson 1
9.55 – 10.45am Lesson 2
10.45 – 11.05am Break
11.05 – 11.55am Lesson 3
11.55 – 12.45pm Lesson 4
12.45 – 1.35pm Lunch
1.35 – 2.25pm Lesson 5
2.25 – 3.15pm Lesson 6
3.15pm Headteacher’s tannoy messages