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Childline: Knife Crime

Gun and Knife Crime - Childline

It is a sad truth that in the United Kingdom, there are peaks and troughs of violent crime among teenagers. We are currently going through a peak, with mainly 15 to 17 year olds being both the perpetrators and victims. The effect is felt throughout the under-18 demographic nationally, and due to this nature should be a prime concern of educational establishments. Of these armament categories, that of knife crime is by far the greater danger of the two for pupils. Sometimes these offences are the result of gang activity, and sometimes it's simply a case of out-of-control emotions directed in a manner whose consequences, the perpetrator does not fully understand. In any case, it is an area that educational professionals must be aware of, and be prepared to address in their schools. To help clarify this area, Childline has published a page focusing on gun and knife crime. What it is and its potential consequences, if interested in reading what they have to say please click on the link below: 

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