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Twins star in Maths as Bishop Thomas Grant School Celebrates 100% A Level success


Bishop Thomas Grant School twins Taylor and Jerome Bernard both scored top grades in their Maths A Level and will take up their places at university, Taylor to study Nuclear Science and Materials at Birmingham and Jerome to study Economics at Loughborough. When asked for the secret of his success in Maths, Taylor commented: ”Loads of practice, paper after paper – that’s how to do it!”

With 100% pass rate at A*-E, the majority of students have achieved the grades they need for university – top A*A grades held up well at 21%. Students with A grades include Gabriella Emery, who will now study French and Classics at Wadham College, Oxford – Gabriella joins Bishop Thomas Grant School student Romy Patrick who secured her place at Somerville College, Oxford earlier this year. With straight A grades and an A* in French, Santiago Puerta will take up his place at Durham University to study French and Arabic or Chinese. Alex Virtue scored A*AA and will go to Birmingham University for his Politics and International Relations course. Isabelle Antoine will go to study Finance and Management at Loughborough University. Isabelle Takyi-Kufuor will be attending SOAS London University studying Law. Heloisa Cabral has secured her place at Bristol University to study Veterinary Science.

Students opting out of university to take up apprenticeship programmes include Jordan Chatterjee, who is due to join Mercedes, and Bruno Costa, who is taking an apprenticeship in Child Development at St Thomas’ Hospital. “I did well on my work experience at a primary school and I think the children liked me too” commented Bruno.

Both Jordan and Bruno followed the popular BTEC route at Bishop Thomas Grant School - BTEC results were again outstanding this year with 100% pass rate in all subjects, 92% at Distinction* Distinction, the equivalent of A*A at A Level. Notable successes include George Tovey, who will now go on to St Mary’s University in Twickenham to study Health and Exercise Nutrition having achieved D*D*D* in BTEC Sports Science. George is a long distance runner and ran for team Felix with Mo Farah (George behind him!). Joining him at St Mary’s will be a number of other Bishop Thomas Grant School students with triple D* in BTEC, including Holly Brady (Primary School Teaching) and Joao Marques (Physical Education).

Head of Sixth Form Mrs Levenson praised her students for their “fantastic work ethic and dedication to their studies.”

Headteacher Ms Bernadette Boyle echoed her thoughts: “In a year of increasing challenges in education I am delighted that our students have yet again made the grade. I would like to thank the staff, who have worked tirelessly to help students achieve so well in the new A Levels, and also our BTEC tutors who year-in-year out are the architects of our students’ success in this valuable qualification. Well done to all concerned!”



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