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Catholic Life

At Bishop Thomas Grant School, our Catholic faith is not simply an added extra that we teach and offer our students; it is integrated into the whole life of our School and in all aspects of the curriculum.  It is conveyed in the values and attitudes which are incorporated into the way we structure and manage, into the relationships between staff and students and into the aims we set ourselves.  We believe that the Catholic vision of life can enable human beings to become more human.  In our School, we undertake to present it, live it and celebrate it.  Our Catholic Vision was acknowledged by the Archdiocese of Southwark in their recent inspection of school. 

Our Vision

Our vision of education is underpinned by a belief that within creation, the sign and object of God’s love, God chose to create human beings in God’s own image and likeness.  We are in a relationship, in a dialogue of love with God.  We believe that creation speaks of God, that human relationships are redeemed by Christ’s saving death and resurrection.  God is at work in the world and can be discovered in our daily living, drawing us into love.  We believe that we are invited to enter more deeply into relationship with God as the perfect fulfilment of our lives.  Every human experience presents us with the opportunity to deepen our knowledge and love of God.  At Bishop Thomas Grant School, we provide all members of the School community with opportunities and support in their individual faith journeys through prayer and liturgy.

An integral part of the mission of the Church

We see education as an integral part of the mission of the Church to proclaim Jesus as the inspirer of all that is good in human living.  Everything connected with human living, and the means by which we understand and come to terms with it, is part of the process of God’s self-revelation to humanity.  It is God’s plan that we grow though our exploration and enquiry.  At Bishop Thomas Grant School, we strive with God’s grace, to renew ourselves and transform our world into the Kingdom of God, a kingdom of justice, peace and love.  We aim to awaken our students to the largeness of the world around them, give them a dream of human achievement and an active concern for the human predicament and in doing so reveal the truth about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.  This is done through both our Chaplaincy and RE programmes, more information on which can be found by clicking here.

Our Community

We are pleased to serve and work with our local Catholic Parishes in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark.  Information regarding these parishes can be found via our entry in the new Online Catholic Directory.

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