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Bishop Thomas Grant School


We believe that our school has a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes the academic, personal, social, physical and spiritual development of all students and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Learning at BTG is interactive, engaging and relevant to the real world. Our students have a strong grounding in traditional core academic subjects (English, Maths, Science and RE) which provides an excellent platform for achievement in all other area. We want students to be excited by their learning, to recognise its importance and to be proud of their achievements in every discipline.

Our curriculum is wide ranging and designed to meet the needs of everyone’s abilities, interests and aspirations for the future. Our students learn to think for themselves and we encourage them to become independent learners who ask good questions, think creatively, and solve problems with confidence. By the time our students leave school, we want them to be self-disciplined and focused young people who are totally determined to succeed in whatever career they choose to pursue.

We annually review and update our curriculum in order to maintain the highest possible academic standards, to this end, we have been proactive in ensuring that our students who are able to access the EBAC accreditation at GCSE are able to do so, however we also have a range of GCSE and other Level 2 vocational subjects on offer for those students for whom a different path is appropriate.

Our superb academic record reflects BTG’s traditional and highly disciplined approach to education, and we are committed to even greater success in future years. We set our students challenging targets for continual improvement and we make sure that they make the most of their opportunities in each year. We expect total support and commitment from parents, and work in close partnership with them to ensure that all our young people find the success they deserve.



For more information, please contact Mrs S Thompson (Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum) or Ms L Waterman (Assistant Headteacher – Options). 

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