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 All smiles on results days 2022 at Bishop Thomas Grant School

It was all smiles at Bishop Thomas Grant School this August as the Year 13 A level and BTEC results were published on 18th and Year 11 GCSE and BTEC results were published on 25th August.

Year 13 Headlines

  • 44% of all grades were A or A* 
  • 74% were awarded B to A*
  • Average grade at A level was a B
  • Average grade at BTEC was a Distinction

Year 11 Headlines

  • Of all grades achieved 24% were either a grade 9 or 8,  41% were grades 9-7 and 79% were grades 9-5
  • 85% of students achieved 5 or more grades at 9-4 including English and Maths
  • 95% of all students achieved a grade 4 or above in English and 86% achieved a grade 5 or above
  • 88% of all students achieved a grade 4 or above in Maths and 75% achieved a grade 5 or above
  • 77% of students entered into the Ebacc achieved a strong pass in all Ebacc subjects (grades 9-5)

Year 13 Examination Results

Despite reports that the exam boards were undertaking a re-alignment of A level grades in this first post-Covid year of full written exams, the vast majority of BTG students have achieved their targets and can happily move on to the next stage in their careers. This is no surprise considering the average Bishop Thomas Grant grade at A level this year is a B grade and in the vocational BTEC subjects it is a Distinction (equivalent of an A grade at A level)! The overall headlines are that 44% of all grades were A or A* and an impressive 74% were awarded B to A*.

Amongst the top students this year are Evan (in our photo), former BTG Head Pupil, who, with A* grades in all his four A levels, secured his place at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, to study Archaeology. Maelle (next to Evan in our photo), again with all A* grades, is now on her way to Christ’s College, Cambridge to study Human, Social and Political Sciences, and Ose has the grades for her course at King’s College, London, to study medicine. There were many other students with A* grades in all subjects, and with so much in the media about the drop in A* grades it is even more of an achievement that so many at BTG have achieved top grades. 

There is an interesting shift this year to apprenticeship schemes, with students such as  Andrew choosing to work for top finance company Morgan Stanley whilst studying part-time at Queen Mary University for a degree in Digital Technology Solutions. 

The BTEC route is increasingly used by students for access to the professions, notably at BTG Elisabeth, who sat a mixture of A levels and BTEC to qualify for her course at Brighton University in Early Childhood Education and Care. 

UCAS co-ordinator Ms Lavelle described as “lightly populated” the clearing process for students needing further advice on their post-A level options, an indication of the well-considered choices students have been making. 

 Year 11 Examination Results

The welcome August rain on 25th August didn't dampen spirits on GCSE results day as students arrived to pick up their results and claim their places in the Sixth Form.

Yasmin, with a string of 8s and 9s in her GCSE's has enrolled on Maths and the Sciences in the sixth form. Nathaniel (centre in our group picture) had a full house of grade 9s, as did top Year11 student Tamra, who added three music certificates to her tally, including grade 8 flute - a phenomenal achievement. The overall distribution of top grades was, like in A levels, not significantly different to last year despite those press warnings to the contrary and this is represented very accurately in the statistic of 85% of students having achieved 5 or more grades at 9-4 (formally A*-C) including English and Maths!

Bishop Thomas Grant Headteacher Bernie Boyle looked on as her students celebrated and summed up: “I really am immensely proud of our students – they have endured unheard of deprivations over these last years and it is wonderful to see them so happy and celebrating. All credit must go to the parents for supporting them, as well as to the students themselves for working so hard. I am equally grateful to the staff who have shouldered so many of the difficulties and still found the resources to support our students so successfully. 


Exam Results Press Release 2020

Results days 2020 are like none that have come before In a year like no other A level and GCSE results days were set to be uncertain this year and by the time August came students and families were confused and worried by the constantly changing headlines around the examinations this year.

A Level results day at Bishop Thomas Grant School presented an exciting challenge for staff advisors as students faced the unprecedented lottery of results produced by this year’s grading systems. Already at 6 a.m. in the morning, Head of Sixth Form Ms Levenson was texting her colleagues with strategies to ensure that all students would be able to leave the school with firm direction for the future.

And so it proved to be. Very good news was in store for Emily, Emma, Abbey and Emmanuel, all of whom secured their Oxbridge places, setting a new record for the school. (Emily, Classics at Wadham College, Oxford; Abbey History at New College Oxford; Emma Classics at Christ’s College, Cambridge and Emmanuel Philosophy at his name sake College at Cambridge. Other top grade achievers included Roberta (going to Durham University to study History), Sid (Lancaster University, Theoretical Physics with Maths). Most students secured the grades they needed for their universities to study a wide range of subjects including Creative Writing, Practical Film Making, Animation, Veterinary Nursing, Drama and Performance along with traditional subjects such as Sociology, Politics, Physics, Computer Science and Architecture. And of course we cannot forget Rafael who is celebrating after securing a full scholarship to study Global cultural studies at Duke University, North Carolina USA.

Some students chose apprenticeship routes such as Chimezie with an apprenticeship at a top software company marketing salesforce, Isabelle who starts an apprenticeship with a top finance house and Richard who starts a Broadcast Engineering apprenticeship with the BBC. The school was not surprised to hear Richard’s interviewers report that he “performed brilliantly at our assessment centre”. They can all look forward to exciting times ahead!

BTEC results pushed on to new heights of success with a record 18 students gaining triple Distinction*, the equivalent of 3 A* at A Level, enabling students such as Leandro to take his degree course at Queen Mary College in Business Management and Marketing, Szymon, (Surrey University, Business Management), Kaylin will take a gap year and Jaden will go to Surrey University to read Sports and Exercise Science. One particular success was Rui who achieved a massive 4 Distinction* and now faces the enviable position of deciding which apprenticeship he should pursue!

There was also as much to celebrate as students gathered at Bishop Thomas Grant School on GCSE results day. For many students it was the first opportunity they had had in five months to see their friends and teachers, and the added bonus of another fittingly excellent set of GCSE results ensured that students secured places in the school sixth form for the forthcoming year.

Some remarkable performances included the perfect 9 scored by both Maelle, who will be taking A levels in French, English and History in the sixth form, and Evan, who both achieved grade 9 in all 10 of his GCSEs. Tobiasz scored grade 9 in 10 of his 11 GCSEs and will take 4 A levels, in Computing, Maths, French and Classical Civilisation. Tobias was the busiest student on results day collecting results from his 12 GCSEs (English Language, English Literature, Maths, Religious Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing, Latin, French, Polish and Art and Design) and plans to pursue his future by studying Maths, Physics and Computing at A level in the school sixth form. Tom can be very proud of himself in being awarded a grade 9 in GCSE Classical Civilisation, an achievement which becomes even more impressive bearing in mind that this was achieved with only an hour’s worth of lesson time over a year and a half!

The future is bright for all our students and Headteacher Ms Boyle summed up the feelings of the Bishop Thomas Grant Community:

“The excellent results that our students have secured are a fitting end to a very difficult year for them. Having been denied their right to prove themselves during an examination season these outcomes reflect the hard work that students were putting in for years in the lead up to the school closure in March because it is important to remember that academic success is something that builds all through a young person’s time at our school. It is essential that we now look ahead to a future that, although remains uncertain, our students can move forward to with grades that reflect their abilities. I want to congratulate all our students on the resilience and maturity that they have displayed over the year and I want to thank all their families as well for trusting in the school to make the right decisions for their children”.

“Chinie & Chimisie celebrate their future prospects”.


“GCSE successes promise great things to come in the school Sixth Form”.


Progress 8 and Attainment 8 Scores 2020

Progress 8 score


Attainment 8 score


Percentage of students who achieved a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and mathematics at the end of KS4.


The percentage of students who achieved the English Baccalaureate ( EBaccAPS) (the attainment measure is an average point score showing students’ point scores across the five pillars of the EBacc).

% Achieving Ebacc at grade 5/C or above: 35%

% Achieving Ebacc at grade 4/C or above: 43%

Ebacc APS: 5.16


Data Source (final data for 2018/2019):  https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/100638/bishop-thomas-grant-catholic-secondary-school/secondary

How the new grades compare to the old grades

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