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Bishop Thomas Grant School

Key Stage 4

All Key Stage 4 students follow a course leading to public examinations [GCSE or BTEC] in a range of subjects, including a minimum core of English, Maths Science and Religious Studies, as well as non-examination courses in PE.  PSHE and Citizenship are also taught during drop down days and form periods.

A large majority also study a Modern Foreign Language, and most students take either History or Geography, giving them the complete range of EBAC subjects.

During Year 9 students choose the subjects they will follow in Years 10 and 11. Students follow one of two pathways leading to GCSE and vocational Level 2 qualifications. Maths, English, Science and Religious Studies continue to be set within each of the bands. Optional subjects run across the entire year group and may be completely mixed ability.

Year 9 - Option Choices

After our successful virtual GCSE Options Evening on 17th November 2020, all Year 9 students will now have access to recorded curriculum information to aid their subject choices for GCSE. Parents can familiarise themselves with the process by clicking the link to that meeting here.  Each family received a GCSE Options Information booklet via email. A copy of this booklet can be downloaded here.

During the private study sessions each morning from 9.00 to 9.40am, Year 9 students will have the opportunity to get more information about each option subject by watching options presentations from each subject area. These presentations will be available to parents after each session and can be accessed by clicking here.

For more information, please contact Mrs S Thompson (Curriculum Deputy) or Mr W Stapelberg (Assistant Headteacher - Options).


For Year 10 Curriculum Booklet 2020 - 2021 please click here.

For more detail about individual subjects please find on pages below in the Curriculum booklet.

GCSE Subjects

  • GCSE Art and Design                Page 12
  • GCSE Biology                                 Page 13
  • GCSE Business Studies             Page 14-15
  • GCSE Chemistry                           Page 16
  • GCSE Computing                          Page 17
  • GCSE Drama                                    Page 18
  • GCSE English                                   Page 19
  • GCSE Geography                          Page 20
  • GCSE History                                  Page 21
  • GCSE Latin                                        Page 22
  • GCSE Maths                                     Page 23
  • GCSE MFL                                         Page 24
  • GCSE Music                                      Page 25
  • GCSE Physics                                   Page 26 
  • GCSE PE                                              Page 27
  • GCSE Religious Studies              Page 28-29  
  • GCSE Combined Science           Page 30

 BTEC Subject

  • BTEC Health and Social Care   Page 33
  • BTEC DIT                                              Page 35

Cambridge Nationals

  • CN Enterprise and Marketing   Page 31-32
  • CN PE - Sport Studies                     Page 34
  • CN Digital Media                               Page 36
For Year 11 Curriculum Booklet 2020 - 2021 please click here.

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