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Bishop Thomas Grant School

Key Stage 4

All Key Stage 4 students follow a course leading to public examinations [GCSE or BTEC] in a range of subjects, including a minimum core of English, Maths Science and Religious Studies, as well as non-examination courses in PE. PSHE and Citizenship are also taught during drop down days and form periods.

A large majority also study a Modern Foreign Language, and most students take either History or Geography, giving them the complete range of EBAC subjects.

During Year 9 students choose the subjects they will follow in Years 10 and 11. Students follow one of two pathways leading to GCSE and vocational Level 2 qualifications. Maths, English, Science and Religious Studies continue to be set within each of the bands. Optional subjects run across the entire year group and may be completely mixed ability.

National Tutoring Programme

Welcome to the National Tutoring Programme at BTG for the academic year 2021 to 2022. The National Tutoring Programme offers highly tailored tuition support for our students in year 10, to help those whose education has been most impacted by the pandemic.  Evidence shows that tutoring can boost progress by up to five months, with extensive evidence showing that tutoring is one of the most effective tools to support learning in school and accelerate pupil progress. 

The schedule of sessions on offer are shown below but attendance is by prior arrangement.  

Click here for the schedule 

If you have any questions regarding the programme, please contact either Mr Todd or Ms Waterman.

Year 9 - Option Choices

It is finally time for your child to choose their GCSE options. Most students are excited at the prospect of this, as it is their first real opportunity to take control of their education. It also allows both school and home to talk to students about the courses and careers that they may follow when they leave school.

This webpage has been put together to give you a clear understanding of the range of courses available to you as part of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum at BTG. Our aim is to ensure that all students are put on pathways that will give them the greatest chance of success. Our approach at BTG is to emphasise the opportunity that this gives students to really immerse themselves in subjects that they enjoy; however, it is also important that students do not narrow their focus so much that they limit their options when they leave school. At BTG we believe that all students should study a broad and balanced curriculum. The role of teachers, parents and carers is to help the children to find that balance. This is important as it prepares students for their next step into Sixth form, College or employment. We have high expectations for all of our students and would encourage as many students as possible to study subjects that allow them to achieve the EBacc (English Baccalaureate). This would include choosing at least one of the humanities (History or Geography) and a language. This route is strongly recommended for those students considering applying to a top university. We also offer a range of vocational qualifications that combine coursework and examinations, alongside a number of creative subjects that ensure students can develop their passions

All pupils at BTG should take at least 9 GCSEs from three ‘buckets’

  • English Language or Literature, Maths, Science and RE
  • Humanity and /or Language
  • Open element - all other GCSEs and BTECs
Bucket 1 Bucket 2 Bucket 3
The compulsory subjects Choice within pathway Free Choice

All students:

  •  Religious Studies
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics


and either

  • Combined Science (2 GCSEs)


  • Triple Science (3 GCSEs: Biology, Chemistry & Physics)


Pathway 1 – choose 1 from each
Pathway 2 – choose 1 from either Humanity and Language



  •  History
  •  Geography



•      French

•      German

•      Spanish

•      Latin

Pathway 1: choose 1 subject from the list below                          
Pathway 2:
choose 2 subjects from the list below                          



  •  Art and Design
  •  Art Textiles
  •  Business Studies
  •  Computing
  •  Drama
  •  Geography
  •  History
  •  Latin
  •  Music
  •  Physical Education



  • BTEC Health and Social Care
  • BTEC in I media
  • CNAT in Sport

Top tips:

  • Tip 1: What are you good at?
  • Tip 2: What do you enjoy?
  • Tip 3: Do you have an idea of what you want to do or be in the future?
  • Tip 4: How do you prefer to learn and be assessed?
  • Tip 5: Don’t worry about what your friends are choosing or who the teacher is!

Over the course of the spring term there will be a number of very important assemblies. Subject specialists will deliver these assemblies to ensure that students gain a full understanding of each subject. We are this year unable to provide an opportunity for parents and carers to come into school and talk to their teachers. We have instead created this Year 9 options area of the school website with videos/assemblies from Heads of Departments giving information about their courses. The subject videos can be found below. Each subject assembly will be added to this page once the assembly has been delivered to students. Please take the time to watch the subject assemblies with your son/daughter to help with the decision making process.

Key dates behind the process:

  • 17th January: introduction to GCSE options assembly for students
  • 17th January – 7th March: Assemblies on each of the GCSE options subjects
  • 3rd February: On line Information evening for Year 9 students and their parents/carers
  • 25th March: Options form deadline (dry run)
  • 20th May: Options form deadline (final version)
  • July: Letters sent home confirming final choices

Key information:

To access the GCSE Options Information booklet, click here.

To access the subject option presentations, click  here.

To access the Year 9 Virtual Options Information Evening click here. 

To access the options form, see below.

Pathway 1: 


Fill | BTG GCSE Options Form 2022 - Pathway 1

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. You must choose 1 subject from each of the 3 option blocks shown below.  ONE of these must be a HUMANITY (Geography or History) from any block and ONE must be a LANGUAGE (French, German, Spanish, Latin) from any block.  Then a 3rd subject of your choice from the remaining block.

Pathway 2: 




For more information, please contact Mrs S Thompson (Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum) or Ms L Waterman (Assistant Headteacher – Options). 






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