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A Note from the School Chaplain


A Note from the Chaplain

Another academic year concludes, one that will be recorded in the history books for future generations to study, debate and analyse. Literally, a year that has witnessed the whole world retreat from a pandemic. This silent enemy COVID-19 has devastated normal life. Society ground to a halt. Our school doors closed, we sought sanctuary in our homes and bolted the door on normal life. Everything we had taken for granted was submerged in isolation. It was not just the freedom to acquire goods, formally considered essential, but the greatest gift of all to see, to hug, to shake a hand, to hold a new-born child or be with that cherished loved one, as they journeyed through ill health or anxiety alone. 

Such devastating episodes are reflected throughout history and can hold a torch to recovery, to reiterate what in life is really important. The liturgical seasons of Lent, Easter and Whitsun passed through our lockdown. It is like experiencing an Epiphany moment, when you revisit those dramatic events. A carpenter’s son Jesus Christ charismatically preached tolerance, love, ‘all lives matter’, a shared value, healing comforting and touching the so called ‘unclean’, those classified groups. The lepers, Samaritans and so forth. Then Jesus, deserted by his followers was crucified for his integrity and love of us. 

What happened next, his Apostles were ‘locked in’, frightened of everyone and everything. Their focus, their leader, abandoned, dead and gone. What would happen to them? 

“Yet they did emerge again filled with the Holy Spirit with gifted resilience to continue after the resurrected and ascended Christ's work”. 

To cherish God's people as Jesus did and not count the cost. If you could ask the Apostles what they missed in lockdown, it might have been people, freedom to work, to educate the people, help others and above all to share a Eucharistic meal, even if in a sort of ‘household bubble’. What was that Epiphany moment – which may be the so-called wonders of the world may not be the iconic buildings like the Taj Mahal, but wonders of humanity, to touch, to taste, to see, to hear and to laugh. To feel the wind on one's face, but above all to love humanity and truly want the best for others. Out of adversity often comes change and creativity. A reassessment of what is really important. Change starts with us individually; we become more aware, supportive, committed and develop better relationships with others and the Lord. 

So, I take this opportunity to wish all BTG families every blessing. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. To conclude, I leave you with the words of Jeremiah the prophet, which despite being uttered thousands of years ago, give as all hope and confidence, that our wonderful BTG community will always be truly present for each other. 

“I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for…..”. 

This is what we fulfil as we commence the new academic year in September 2020. 

Elaine Hallam 

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