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Bishop Thomas Grant School Comfortably Secures Second Place in the Seneca Summer Champions League

Throughout the school closure students have been spending a considerable amount of time across the curriculum engaging in learning and assessment on a website called Seneca (https://senecalearning.com/en-GB/). 
Seneca is something that students have long used at home to supplement their independent learning and on account of its ease of use and helpfulness with learning (feedback from student survey) many teachers have been setting work through the website.
So why is Seneca so favoured by staff and students alike? Well, Seneca is free and covers all subjects in all age groups so students have quickly been able to apply their knowledge of how the platform works between subjects (a big plus when so much has changed and there are already so many new aspects to our new routines). More than this though, Seneca provides both revision material and short sharp assessments with instant feedback to keep motivation high. The website uses algorithms to pick up on material that a student is getting wrong so that the user is shown that material again and again in different formats so that gaps in knowledge are plugged and learning becomes more flexible. 
Seneca has been so well received by students that for the last few weeks Bishop Thomas Grant School has been comfortably holding on second spot in the UK on the Seneca Summer Champions League (https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/cce953ee-09fd-4859-ae87-d2e3009e032b/page/GUEKB)! 
Well done to all of our students, now let’s set our attention on first place!

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